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We are MEDIABOARD Albania marketing innovation through WiFi System.

Mediaboard Albania is part of the MEDIABOARD group that is present in the Ballkan region and Europe. The core business is application of new and emerging technologies related to Internet advertising. Our vision is to take the leading role in the field of Internet advertising in Albania by following the latest technology development trends, with a pinch of courage and top-notch customer service.

Our innovation in the region is WiFi billboard, a service with all the attributes of modern advertising. This service creates new advertising space within the existing WiFi networks of bars, restaurants, shopping malls, parks, city squares and transportation hubs. This advertising space is then used to advertise a product or a service, to announce an event, perform a poll, with a possibility of getting an accurate and timely statistics for that online traffic.

Our Services


We offer the most precise user targeting (only shown within the premises of known geographical locations).

Already Customer

Advertisement is shown to the clients already willing to spend – consumers in bars and restaurants.


Advertisement must be viewed to access the Internet.

Online Consumers

The advertisement is viewed by users of modern technologies – mobile phones, tablets or laptops.


Statistics are available on daily basis through Google Analytics in real time.


Your advertisement will be viewed by as many users as you want.


Advertisement alteration is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week!


Advertisement is shown across the whole screen regardless of the device type or screen size.

Unlimited changes

Number of changes to your advertisement is infinite and completely free.

Design Support

We will help you adjust your advertisement to our format.

Market Trends

Constant tracking of users’ needs and wishes as well as adaptation to the current and demanded market trends.

Control Panel

Control your statistics, change your page and many more...

Expanding Network

We're present

in more than 12 countries so spread your word with us.

How It Works

First Connect to WiFi Our WiFi are imediatly recognized since it is free and has the name of the Bar/Resturant or Mediaboard
Second Advertisment After connection the first full page ad will be displayed and you can choose to close it and continue to the internet
Third Bar page In order to access the services that the bar/restaurant offers a page will be displayed so you can choose.
Last Surf the web If the customer has selected to access the internet it will redirect him to a website

Get in Touch With Us

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Get in Touch

Do not hezitate to come and visit us at our office or let us know so we can arrange a meeting.

Our Office

  • Address: Rruga "George W. Bush" | Kulla 1, Kati 2, 1001 Tirana, ALBANIA
  • Mobile: (355) 672o89378, (355) 675849477, (355) 42 390600
  • Email: [email protected]

Our Hours

  • Monday - Friday - 9am to 5pm
  • Saturday - 9am to 4pm
  • Sunday - Open only for technical support